Learning Labs
Learning labs are short-term intensive programs that complement TUMO’s learning curriculum. TUMO has a yearly average of 120 learning labs with each lab going beyond the four focus areas and complementary skill sets students encounter during workshops. Accomplished professionals from across the globe work directly with TUMO’s students, providing career insight into the focus areas and allowing them to network and cultivate important relationships that will help them on their paths toward success. Past learning lab leaders include NASA engineer Richard Ohanian, world-renowned photographer Scout Tufankjian and Disney director Arnab Chaudhuri.
Student work resulting from these labs has garnered international attention. For example, concept designs for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity were showcased during an award ceremony that was attended by international human rights activists, journalists and celebrities. Results from the architecture photography learning lab with Katharina Roters were featured at the Venice Biennale’s 15th Annual Architecture Exhibition.
Student Work
We’re always looking for talented, skilled and enthusiastic professionals to come to TUMO and work with our motivated and eager students. If you’re reading this and brimming with learning lab ideas, we want to hear from you. Follow this link to find out more about becoming a learning lab leader. www.tumo.org/workshop