Focus Areas
The after-school learning process at Tumo is based on a highly versatile but rigorous system. Members advance through the Tumo program based on their individual preferences and at their own pace. Within that flexible framework, they work towards very specific learning targets organized around four focus areas:
Game Development
Web Design
Tumo members are initially encouraged to get exposure to all four of these areas. As they progress through the curriculum, completing a succession of increasingly challenging projects, members begin to concentrate on one of the four areas and work towards completion of a final project at the end of a two-year cycle. In addition to instruction in its main focus areas, the Tumo curriculum covers a set of supporting technical, artistic and professional skills that are essential across all four areas.
2D graphics
3D Modeling
Online Literacy
Motion Graphics
At any given time, Tumo members have access to a wide range of workshops in our four focus areas and the supporting technical, artistic and professional skills. Workshops range from the beginner to the advanced, culminating in intensive project workshops. These are highly challenging team efforts that aim to produce work for submission to competitions and festivals, or publication in online venues and app stores.
Learning Labs
The learning experience at Tumo is punctuated by a variety of ad hoc events that are both internal and open to the public. These are designed to stimulate, challenge and inspire members, as well as to further involve the local communities in Tumo activities. We host a number of exhibitions throughout the year and invite specialists to give lectures on topics related to the Tumo curriculum.