Pharmacist by Day, Programmer by Night

Pharmacist by Day, Programmer by Night

21-year-old Varduhi Koghpetsyan appears to have two different identities. In one, she helps people by dispensing advice on which sort of medicine they should take. In the other, she writes code, creates games, and draws up plans for the regulation of Gyumri’s public transportation system through the latest technology.

Varduhi was one of TUMO Gyumri’s very first students. “TUMO just came to my attention back then. I was primarily focused with foreign languages at my school and wasn’t really familiar with programming. So the transition to TUMO was kind of strange at first. I’d also always been sort of shy, but I started to open up at TUMO. I got to know myself better and started making new friends,” she says.

Varduhi spends most of her days in the pharmacy and during the evenings she comes to TUMO to spend 2 hours exploring her favorite technical fields. “I’ve divided my life into two parts and each part can express itself. My job at the pharmacy has a lot of responsibilities, since I deal with people’s health. Afterwards, my creative life can begin. I also enjoy creating games and completing every step of the process myself. I write and design the game and even compose the music, like I’m my own personal development studio,” says Varduhi with pride.

Most of Varduhi’s thoughts center around improving Gyumri’s public transportation system. “I hope to see a more developed system in the city one day, one that makes the lives of both residents and tourists more convenient. Once, during Hackathon, we developed a program to regulate Gyumri’s transportation system. One day, after I buy a good computer and expand my programming skills, I hope to be a part of solving this problem,” says Varduhi.

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