Old and Smart Gyumri: Hovsep’s Dream

Old and Smart Gyumri: Hovsep’s Dream

Born and raised in Gyumri, 17 year old Hovsep Mardoyan has big plans for his city. One of TUMO Gyumri’s very first students, Hovsep was only 13 when he stepped through the center’s doors for the first time. “I love the freedom you have here at TUMO, it’s my favorite thing about education. Over the past four years, I’ve studied programming, robotics, and new media. I’ve built drones, smart gadgets, and interviewed some underground characters throughout my city. I’d love to continue to work in these fields in the future,” says Hovsep.

Hovsep is crazy about self-learning, with big plans in store to create a blog that lets him share his experiences and passions, particularly when it comes to data science. “I’m my own lecturer here. That sort of independence is really special. Self-learning helps shape so many important qualities: willpower, self-esteem and the ability to learn from your mistakes, because you have no one to blame but yourself in this case,” says Hovsep.

Before coming to study at TUMO, Hovsep wanted to become a doctor. Now he finds himself in quite the pickle: making and designing medical robots or developing marketing tools. But there’s no question when it comes to his city and whether or not to stay. “Gyumri has changed so much. Nowadays, the youth are doing their best to stay and create something new. I would very much like to contribute to Gyumri’s development. I want this city to retain its character but at the same time be full of all kinds of smart equipment that saves people time and allows them to fully experience our city’s beauty.”


“One time we went to Yerevan in a four person group to participate in a hackathon and had to present our startup idea–but we had nothing! We jumped out of our beds the night before, developed our idea in a matter of hours, and even added some portable graphics. Nothing motivates you more than the fear of failure!”