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Principles and objectives

Equitable, high quality education is the key to prosperity, well-being and security, and it is possible and strategically important for Armenians to have access to free of charge education that is the best in the world. It is also possible and strategically important to attain that reality by developing solutions locally, here in Armenia, building national consensus around them and internally mobilizing the resources needed to sustain them.

Consistent with that vision, New Gen Education is an open platform with the goal of starting a national conversation around the future of Armenian education, and of rapidly developing a project roadmap for its design and realization. This platform is designed to be inclusive and result oriented. It will mobilize individuals and organizations from across the national spectrum and will place the emphasis, in particular, on interlocutors outside the education system in order to catalyze new solutions.

Process and outcomes

Over the coming months, the New Gen Education platform will proceed in two major steps.

1st step: Consultations

This step will begin with a series of town hall meetings open to everyone, fostering a conversation around objectives, principles and methods, and collecting preliminary ideas on the future of education in Armenia.

At the same time, institutions, businesses and organizations that are involved or interested in the development of the education system will be invited to round table discussions to share their experiences, perspectives and expectations.

Key international figures will be included to give feedback on the process and possible directions of development. They will also discuss their views on global best practices in education, as well as their expectations about the future of work and skills globally.

Hypotheses emerging from this process will be discussed and refined in rapid iterations, and a set of final ideas will be adopted as the basis for the program. These will be linked to a roadmap for the following step.

A long term vision for Armenia’s education system will be formulated based on the discussions of the 1st step. This vision will guide the prioritization of reform initiatives and will dictate the logic and strategy of program implementation.

Key principles for the 1st step are Inclusiveness and transparency: The process of consultation, hypothesis development and roadmapping is designed to be open to all types stakeholders in order to ensure that ideas are not overlooked and that the voices of otherwise authoritative players does not dominate over that of innovative ones. The process is also designed to be open for anyone to follow and comment on with full transparency. This will ensure that the conclusions reached during the 1st step will inspire confidence and will facilitate building national consensus around them and mobilizing intellectual resources for the following steps.

2nd step: Program design

The goal of the second step is the high level design of a set of initiatives in collaboration among active stakeholders emerging from the 1st step.

High level goals and action plans will be developed for:

  • General education
  • Vocational education
  • Higher education and science
  • Nonformal education

The outcome of the 2nd step is expected to be a national master plan supported by a loosely coordinated set of specific projects to be implemented by public and private actors.

Key principles for the 2nd step are leadership and an emphasis on actionable design: While based on active consultation and participatory processes, the program design step should not be an exercise in compromise among stakeholders and finding a common denominator. Rather, it should emphasize active communication and consensus building around a smart design. It should make significant tradeoffs that will focus resources on specific goals. Most importantly, the program must be actionable and must include within in it a resource plan and a strategy for long term viability.


1st step: Consultations

I. Sat 26.05.2018 – Open forum։ Orientation and presentation of ideas
II. Sat 02.06.2018 – Analysis of inputs and formation of working groups
III. Sat 09.06.2018 – Formulation and discussion of long term vision

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2nd step: Program design

IV. Sat 16.06.2018 – Development of first drafts of projects
V. Sat 30.06.2018 – Presentation and review of final drafts of projects

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