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This summer’s gonna be a hot one ☀️

Between June and July, #TUMOfromHome is rolling out around 50 virtual workshops across all 14 learning targets, and all you’ll need is a computer or a smartphone to participate.

Looking to explore some more in-depth, specialized topics? Then keep an eye out for ?️ the spicy workshops ?️! Keep in mind that each spicy workshop requires you to have completed a prerequisite workshop in advance. If you haven’t yet managed to participate in one of TUMO’s workshops, there are still plenty of options with no less of a kick to choose from that don’t require any prerequisites.

This summer, TUMO students must participate in at least one workshop. When registering, please ensure that the workshop schedule you’ve selected fits into your personal schedule and that you’ll be able to attend the workshop until it concludes. Each workshop has different options for start dates and meeting days and times, which you can learn about in more detail when you register.

TUMOians, stay home, “come” to TUMO.