Marina Khachatryan: Tumo Stepanakert’s Eye

Marina Khachatryan: Tumo Stepanakert’s Eye

A TUMO Stepanakert student since the age of 14, she’s known for having a “good eye” and secretly dreams of being filmed in a movie. Although she has a big smile, she’s usually serious, focused, and always busy. Meet 17-years old TUMOian Marina Khachatrayn.

“My friend told me about TUMO and encouraged me to sign up. Out of all the focus area icons on the screen, I noticed the camera right away. I came to TUMO to learn photography,” said Marina.

Marina explained that she was attracted to photography from a young age. Her grandfather was a photographer, and she played with his old equipment at home.

“I taught my grandfather the photography skills that I learned at TUMO, although, he never managed to get the hang of digital photography. He still shoots with automatic settings.”

In addition to learning about a TUMO target, this year Marina also decided to give programming a try.

“I’ve chosen to become a designer. After I graduate from college, and level up my photography skills, I’m going to pursue photography more seriously,” she said.

Marina is one of the winners of the 2018 annual Vahe and Lucy Awards. Her photostory about her nearly 100-year old grandmother, Vartanush, placed third in the arts category.

“I found out that I won by accident from a friend, and rushed home to make sure that my grandmother was the first one that I told. She was overhwelmed!”


Marina writes poems, but she’s not in a hurry to publish them.