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TUMO has hubs in Yerevan, Dilijan, Gyumri and Stepanakert, with 5 TUMO boxes operating in neighboring towns. Outside of Armenia, there are centers in Paris, Beirut, Tirana, Berlin and Lyon.

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The John and Hasmik Mgrdichian Foundation (JHM) has played an integral role in actualizing TUMO’s vision. It has partnered with TUMO on a number of projects such as TUMO Studios, the revival of Gyumri’s 19th-century theater as the new home of TUMO Gyumri, and the upcoming TUMO Koghb.
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The Central Bank of Armenia partnered with us starting in 2013 to establish a TUMO in Dilijan, located in the town’s central library building. We are now working with the CBA to expand the Dilijan program to accept teenagers from surrounding villages as well.
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Founded in 1906, the Armenian General Benevolent Union is dedicated to educational, cultural and humanitarian programs in Armenia and around the world. AGBU has partnered with us to bring TUMO to Gyumri and Stepanakert, reaching over 3,000 teenagers.
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In partnership with the Koghb Foundation, and with the generous support of donors including the Eksertyan, Simsiroglu and Deretjyan families from Buenos Aires, we are now building a new center in Koghb. It will accommodate hundreds of teens from the northeast of Armenia.