Lili Hovhannisyan and Korean Culture

Lili Hovhannisyan and Korean Culture

TUMO Dilijan student Lili Hovhannisyan remembers her first day at the center very well, “I remember my first day. The impressions that day were so strong that I could only see the icons for the focus areas, nothing more. I fell in love and wanted to come every day. I used to come on Saturdays, too. Also, when I first joined, I really wanted to dive into programming, but I was later enamored with photography, graphic design and art, so I changed tracks.”

But besides the courses and workshops, there is also one more thing that TUMO’s Lili likes, “I love the teamwork at TUMO. While branding the Tavush experience in the My Armenia program I had the opportunity to work directly with TUMOians who are graphic designers, artists and others with various other skills. So, let’s say one of us needed some graphic design – there was a fellow student in the team who had just the right skills for it. In the end, we all got results that we couldn’t even have imagined!”

At 16 years of age, Lili has already managed to receive a few prizes in arts, participate in volunteering programs in Poland and Germany, and now she has completely immersed herself in studying oriental fashion. “Once, when listening to music, I happened upon a Korean group called BTS. I heard a song, then another, then watched movies, then saw their minimalist style, fashion weeks I was hooked and dove into Korean culture!” she said.

This was how Lili’s next objective took shape – studying Korean fashion. But there is one step before this Lili first wants to gain admission to UWC in Dilijan. “I like Dilijan very much. Especially now when there are very interesting placesTUMO, UWC—and there are also many tourists. I usually walk in my city, so that I can fully enjoy the natural beauty and the people.”

Traveling is Lili’s other passion. She has decided to travel across Armenia. “I enjoy the very process of traveling. Besides this, I come across new culture and gain new knowledge in each city or village that I visit.”


Lili’s love for drawing started through her efforts of “beautifying” the floor and walls of her house. “There isn’t a wall in our house that I haven’t touched. In fact, my family explicitly asked me to leave the walls untouched after we remodeled the house. My mom is a little more lenient, but my grandma…”