Human Behavior and Storytelling

How do we move through space? How do our body parts move and what is moving us from the inside? How can we interpret body language and harness it for design? Graphic designer and De Vormforensen co-founder Annelou van Griensven is heading to TUMO to answer these questions with you.

During the lab, you will observe and analyze human behavior and body language, translate your findings into design language, then create posters, photographs or films. The lab will be divided into three projects:

  1. The first project will attempt to understand and show physical behavior through installations with real time registration.
  2. The second project will show bodies interacting with space through film or projection.
  3. During the third project, you will translate stories into typeface and create posters with them.

Prerequisite: Photography II or Graphic Design II or Filmmaking II

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Yerevan from April 1st to 12th, Monday to Friday 3.30-7.30 p.m..