Magdalena’s Creative Guide to Brand Identity

Magdalena’s Creative Guide to Brand Identity

From scribbling on paper as a kid to creating her own digital illustration brand, Polish graphic designer Magdalena Marchochka always stood out with her unique take on drawing. Her short journey at TUMO Yerevan gave us a peek into her artistry.

After finishing her masters degree in graphic design, she found interest in animation and studied it for a year. With illustration and hand written typography being her speciality, Magdalena directly came up with the idea of the lab: producing a logo for a fashion brand. 

Magdalena focused her lab on making digital designs that have an analogue feel. She started the two-week-long lab with an introduction to the history of alphabets and carried on with demonstrating and assigning calligraphy exercises. Eventually, students developed individual graphic designs by recreating brush movements that mimic warm, crayon-like textures.

It was her first time working with younger students and the experience was challenging, yet rewarding. While the students admitted that Magdalena paid close attention to detail and often challenged them in class, they were commonly inspired to exercise their creativity and committed to their goal.

In Magdalena’s learning lab, TUMOians got to create four brand trademarks in different aesthetics and style, and even alternate the TUMO logo into their envisioned design. “I loved the idea of redesigning the existing logo as a student who understands TUMO’s vision and environment,” explained Narek, who used authentic details and characteristics to rethink TUMO’s brand.

“I wish I had something like this growing up. Seeing the progress and success of my students is really satisfying and inspiring,” said Magdalena about teaching at TUMO.