Frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions – here are the answers to the most common ones!

Our flagship center sits at the edge of Yerevan’s Tumanyan Park named after the beloved Armenian author Hovhannes Tumanyan. Tumanyan Park—known to many as “Tumo”—inspired the name of the program.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 years old and you live in Armenia or Artsakh, you can become a TUMOian. All you have to do is Register in advance.

Our dream is to share TUMO’s educational experience with every young person in Armenia and Artsakh. To this end, we are creating a network of TUMO centers and mini TUMOs called TUMO Boxes. We will try our best to make TUMO available to you in the near future.

TUMO organizes free public and open events, such as film screenings and public lectures.

In addition, special workshops are organized for young people aged 18 to 28 in the TUMO Studios project. They are practical workshops in the fields of fashion, jewelry making, culinary arts and design. Follow Studios on social media, Facebook and Instagram.

Within the framework of The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science, there are currently 2 free tech projects in which anyone over 18 can participate. You can participate in TUMO Labs projects in cooperation with the leading tech companies in Armenia. And at 42 Yerevan, you can specialize in programming such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, game development, and more. Follow these 2 EU-funded TUMO projects on their Facebook page.

TUMO is free of charge for all teenagers in Armenia.

TUMO does not issue diplomas upon graduation. However, we help students develop a portfolio chock-full of all the projects and various workshops they’ve participated in. When they leave the center, we want them to be able not just to talk about what they’ve learned, but to also show them.

Yes! We are always looking for experienced professionals to work with. If you are energetic and passionate about your field and want to work with some of Armenia’s most motivated teens, please fill out a form and let’s get started!

Of course! To schedule a tour send a brief email to [email protected]. Please make sure that emails are sent 1 to 2 weeks before your preferred tour date. Include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Organization (if applicable)
  • Desired date of visit
  • Number of visitors
  • Purpose of the visit

We hope to see you soon!