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Portrait Mode Filmmaking

Since shooting movies with our mobile phones can solve a host of technical issues, why not use them to shoot movies in portrait mode as well? Working with Lilit Movsisyan, students created their very own 1-2 minute short films shot exclusively in portrait mode.

film 47 - Filmmaking

Elena Abrahamian – 18

TUMO Yerevan

New Wave Shooting

Looking to achieve great-looking cinematography is a tough task, especially when you’re worried you don’t have the right equipment. But in a workshop with Andranik Babayan and with some help from the masters of French New Wave cinema, TUMO students learned how to create something from nothing. After learning from the masters, students created a portfolio of their own cinematic shots.

film 50 - Filmmaking

Melanya Vardanyan – 17

TUMO Gyumri

film 51 - Filmmaking

Roman Khurshudyan – 16

TUMO Gyumri

film 48 - Filmmaking

Ruben Muradyan – 14

TUMO Yerevan

Welcome to Kami-wood

In a mini-workshop with Kami Lebaredian, students discovered how to create their very own short mockumentary using only their phone, their home and a bit of creativity.

film 49 - Filmmaking

Sabin Kamaian – 18

TUMO Yerevan

film 46 - Filmmaking

Vahe Sargsyan – 17

TUMO Yerevan