Fiction Writing Lab


We’ve got great news for you! Columbia University teacher Amy Caroline Kalbun will be leading a learning lab with emphasis on techniques that are applicable across a variety of genres “Not real but true” . This is the lens through which you will consider fiction in the lab: how to render an invented story in a way that feels vivid and emotionally resonant.

During the lab you will have a free writing exercises, mini lessons, guided and independent activities. You will be defining and  discussing various fictional genres, learn how to vividly and precisely describe setting, with an emphasis on unusual details and the distinction between elaborate and evocative writing.

By the end of the lab you will have a coffee house event to read a piece of your writing that you have drafted, based on in-class writing assignments.

Apply by answering questions below in English.

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Gyumri from July 8th to 19th, Monday to Friday, 11.00 am – 2.00 pm.