The Face of TUMO Stepanakert’s Infodesk

The Face of TUMO Stepanakert’s Infodesk

If you’ve registered to become a student at TUMO Stepanakert, you’ve met Marta Karapetyan. Not only does the infodesk veteran know the name and face of every Stepanakert TUMOian, but she’s managed to learn their hobbies, too!

“They say that I’m behind the infodesk giving out honey,” said Marta, jokingly. “There’s always a student with me; each one sharing their woes. A student comes to me to share something from their self-learning exercise or to ask my opinion about a poem they wrote. I love those moments! Interacting with them keeps me young.”

Marta, who studied to be an English-language teacher, first learned about TUMO from students she taught during an internship. “They were always talking about their experiences and what they learned at TUMO,” she said.

“When I started working at TUMO, I already knew many of the students. Also, I’ve always known that I want to work with teens. In that sense, TUMO’s structure and atmosphere is the perfect place to work, learn and develop as a professional,” explained Marta.


Marta has been a dog lover since childhood, with a particular affinity for stray dogs. Until today, she can’t walk passed a homeless dog indifferently. She stops to greet it, and if she’s not in a rush, even talks to it a little.