#TUMOspotlight on Anna The Technicolor Event Planner

It would be difficult to describe TUMO’s internal event planner without using at least one of the following phrases: ball of energy, infectious enthusiasm, charm for days. She’s known throughout Yerevan and is one of those rare types with a distinct presence. This is Anna “Choch” Hakobyan.

Anna’s decision to work in the exciting (but occasionally nerve-wracking) field of event planning was made purely because it suits her nature. “While I was studying in the journalism department, I would volunteer to work at lots of festivals. It was then that I realized that I enjoyed working in that world more than writing about it.” And just like that, she was offered her first job at Deem Communications after only two weeks of volunteering for them. “I worked on concerts and festivals– you name it and I worked on it at Deem. But probably the most inspiring thing I did at Deem was working with Serj Tankian. Later on when I had a more flexible schedule, I decided to focus more on production management.” Over a year later, Anna went to Dresden, Germany, for an internship where she worked on a music conference and festival. Anna has worked in Armenia, putting on screenings and premieres for international films, television shows and fashion magazines, including Vogue Russia and The Amazing Show. “The best way to really see your own city is by working with artists from abroad. When I was working on a photo shoot with Vogue photographer David Mushegain, I discovered a whole new Armenia – one I had no idea about!”

“Everything I just described was really a lovely experience. But that was before TUMO. At TUMO, everything is special.” Anna starts every day at TUMO dropping by the offices of her colleagues and wishing them a happy workday. (Really. She actually does that.) From there, she continues her efforts to make as many days special for the TUMOians as she can. “For any event at TUMO, after the months of planning, all that’s left for me is to watch the reactions of the students during the event. But I’m usually the happiest because I always realize that I go from my home to my second home, TUMO, for these thousands of teens.” See. Charm for days. (We tried, but it was too hard not to use it.)

Fun Fact
Anna’s first official job in the world of event planning was… donkey casting! “We were looking for a donkey for the opening festival of the Tatev Tramway and I was tasked with finding a ‘smiling’ donkey. After meeting several donkeys, I finally found the diamond in the rough.”

*By the way, her next event is Barekendan in Gyumri. Join the event and see first-hand all the great things Choch has in store!