Branding Armenia’s Festivals: Part II

Last time we chatted, we filled you in on the details of the branding project being done in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution. You’ll recall that three teams of professional designers and students (both TUMO and non) are branding tours and festivals that take place throughout Armenia. First we talked with Team Syunik. This time, it’s all about Team Lori.


- Rostom Kouyoumdjian (TUMO graphic design workshop leader)
- Nader Tfayli (Beirut-based designer and type expert)
- Three TUMO students

Brand the Khorovats Festival, Tumanyan Land horseback riding trail and the Nurik Center.

16-year-old TUMO Yerevan teen Zara Kevorkova considers the chance to work on such a large-scale project a boon to her eventual career, which she plans to be in the fields of PR and design. She’s excited to have the opportunity to be a part the project not just because she’ll gain practical experience working with deadlines and clients, but also because she’s learning so much from the group leaders. “We’ll ask them simple questions and they’ll give such creative answers, answers that would’ve never even crossed my mind and I think it’s because of their experience.”

But the project’s learning process isn’t limited to the students alone. Rostom has become inspired by the sites he’s visited in Lori during the project’s research phase. “There are so many unique corners of Armenia that I’ve never been to and I know many people haven’t been to either. This project is going to put so many of these places in the public eye and encourage more visitation there.”

Though Beirut-based graphic designer Nader Tfayli is no stranger to teaching, being a typography professor at the Lebanese American University, this experience has been decidedly different. “On the first day of work, I was handed a sketch for a logo by a 16-year-old TUMO student and…it was really good. For a 16-year-old to produce something that was satisfactory for a professional designer is mind-blowing.”

To be continued…

(Up next: Team Vayots Dzor)