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Here at TUMO we believe in giving teenagers the kind of education that makes them unstoppable.

There are around 67,000 TUMO-age students in Armenia and Artsakh, 19,000 of whom currently attend one of our four existing centers. So to ensure that we reach every corner of Armenia and Artsakh and give every teen access to the TUMO program, we need to build a network of 16 TUMO Hubs (Centers) and 25 boxes.

TUMO Boxes are small, cost-efficient, and easily-deployable facilities built using a minimum of two standard shipping containers. Boxes are not standardized, as larger models can easily be constructed by simply adding more shipping containers to the design. Each Box should be able to accommodate up to 240 students per week.

Students in TUMO Boxes begin their studies in an identical manner to students in TUMO Centers, working their way through self-learning activities under the helpful eye of local coaches. Students spend an average of six months completing self-learning activities before a network of dedicated buses shuttle students to their nearest TUMO Hub, a fully-equipped center with the space to accommodate self-learning activities, workshops, and learning labs. Each Hub will be strategically placed equidistant from the nearest surrounding Boxes, meaning that a trip to one of our Hubs should not exceed 2 hours in length. TUMO Boxes, meanwhile, are conveniently clustered in close proximity to several rural communities. A trip from one village to their nearest Box, for instance, should not take longer than 40 minutes to reach.


Teenagers shouldn’t have their futures determined for them based on factors like socioeconomic status and where they happen to grow up. Ultimately, through your contributions we can realize our vision of having a TUMO, whether a Hub or a Box in every single corner of Armenia and Artsakh. Join us and visit for more information.