Digital Preservation of Architectural Heritage

Digital Preservation of endangered architectural heritage and historic artifacts is the most discussed topic of the time. Technologies like LiDar, photogrammetry, and 3D texture mapping are only some of the ones used for preservation. Armenia is famous for its history, ancient churches, temples and castles and in order to take care of our cultural pieces, you will be working with Devin Gharakhanian and Jeff Wilkins to 3D scan one of those historic buildings.

During the lab, you will start with a drone to do the building’s photogrammetry, use FARO to scan its texture both from inside and outside. The next step will be to move everything to the Unreal Engine to process collected scans. As a final result, you will create a VR environment to walk around and see the church in its own beauty.

Prerequisite: 3D Modelling III or Game Development III

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Yerevan from October 21st to 31st, Monday to Friday, 3.30 – 7.30 pm.