Create a 360° Film

Have you ever thought about creating an interactive VR film? Then, we have good news for you! TUMO vet Celine Kaladjian, and sound design guru David Guillaume, are going to lead a learning lab where you will have the chance to create a fully immersive movie.

You will start by brainstorming an interactive storyline. Once you’ve developed a script, you will scout a location and choose your subjects, finding the best spots and characters to film. Celine and David will teach you how to shoot with drones and 360° cameras, as well as record with special microphones to create immersive sound.

Once shooting is complete, you will move on to post-production. You will learn how to use software like Autopano, Moka VR, SkyBox Studio and more to complete, edit and color grade 360° videos. By the end of the lab you will have created an interactive 360° film, that will allow the audience to make storyline choices on their own.

Prerequisite: Filmmaking III

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Yerevan from October 15th to November 2nd, Monday to Friday, 3:30 – 7:30 PM.

By the way, you can check out this video from one of Celine’s learning labs at TUMO: