Computational Ornaments


Founders of Superposition Bram Bogaerts and Robin Smiths want to challenge the technologically creative youth of Yerevan – you to participate in a learning lab that involves looking at the world around you, researching, sketching, prototyping and programming, working towards a generative, parameterized system of ornamentation that will be expressed as a series of screen printed, linocut posters.

During the lab, you will get hands-on experience on using programming as a tool for generative design and illustration, and learn the concept of parameterizing a design,  constantly moving between the digital and physical realm, to start from something very physical and tactile, process it using computer programming and outputting an autonomous result as a physical artifact.

Prerequisite: Programming III or Graphic Design III

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Yerevan, from September 9th to 20th, Monday to Friday, 3.30- 7.30 pm.