The Camp TUMO Program

Find out about the great selection of workshops we offer at Camp TUMO. Click a workshop to get started.

Each week you’ll design, build and program a robot that can solve everyday tasks and maybe even one that can play music.

Do you have an idea for a really comfy couch? character? Maybe a new phone design? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can turn that idea into something that looked real? Well, you can with the help of 3D modeling.

One week you’re designing a level and the next you’re coding a multiplayer game with a team. In this game workshop each week’s a new adventure, all you need to do is press start.

Mickey. Wreck-it-Ralph. Shaun the sheep. One’s 2D, the other’s 3D and one’s stop motion. They all have one thing in common, they’re animated. Join us and bring your own character to life.

Goodbye boring selfies and hello awesome! Learn new photography techniques, tell a story with your photos and rack up those photo likes.

Horror, Comedy, Action. Whatever is your favorite, one thing is clear: you’re going to make a movie.

Designs are everywhere, static and animated; on posters, tshirts, in movies, tv, and all the way to chocolate bar wrappers. Find out what it takes to get your designs on everything and everyone.

What exactly does that code do? Pull back up any app, game or website and what you’ll find is code. Harness its power with us.

And if you have experience with programming already, you’ll be building and coding your own app that will be ready to go online for others to use once you’re week is done.

Learn what you’ll need to produce your own music, with a band or just solo. One week’s a song. Four weeks’ a an EP. And 8 weeks, that’s a full album.

Step 1, learn the basics of drawing. Step 2, create a character. Step 3, draw that character. Step 4, wait for Hollywood to option the rights to your character.