Branding for Startups


Do you know what is the key point for a successful startup? Branding! And a good one. 

During Polina Hokhonova’s upcoming lab you will create your startup and do the best matching branding for it. The steps of the lab will be: 

  — You start by thinking about what is life in today’s world like and identifying the problems which resonate the most. 

 — Then you will brainstorm and find the possible solutions that could improve or solve those problems. Each solution would become ‘a startup’.

— Once each of you “owns” a startup, you will create a manifesto, which describes the goals.

— The outcome for each startup would be Visual Identity, Including Logotype, Typography, Colours, various Visual Assets.

As a final result, you will be demonstrating how the brand will work on various media, spatial, and digital.

Prerequisite: Drawing II or Graphic Design II

The learning lab will take place at TUMO Yerevan from October 7th to 18th, Monday to Friday, 3.30 – 7.30 pm.