Arsen Minasyan and the Tale of 41 Labs

Arsen Minasyan and the Tale of 41 Labs

Four and a half years and 41 labs and workshops — that’s 16-year-old Arsen Minasyan’s track record at TUMO Dilijan!

He is passionate about video games and music, and the learning targets that he enjoys the most are game development, programming, and animation. Arsen is considering becoming a professional musician or game developer.

On his free time, Arsen is a student at Dilijan State College of the Arts, where he’s learned how to play the trumpet, guitar and piano. When he’s old enough to serve in the army, he’d like to play the trumpet in its official orchestra.

Arsen’s most memorable workshops have been in music, where he’s been able to combine his passions for music and tech. In level one, he learned how to produce music electronically and remix songs. In level two, he learned about sampling, and by level three, he was writing music.

“TUMO gives you foundations in different fields and the opportunity to learn many new things. The rest is up to you and your drive. If you want something and work for it, it’ll happen,” said Arsen.