Alexander’s Journey to the University of Utah

img 9748 2 - Alexander’s Journey to the University of Utah

Alexander at the opening of the TUMO Askeran box

When the TUMO box opened in Askeran, local teenagers gathered to welcome and celebrate their own mini-TUMO. A tall young man stood out from the crowd of kids. Alexander Shahramanyan was a TUMO alumnus who had returned to Askeran for summer break from the University of Utah, where he currently studies data science. He came to the opening to congratulate his younger friends, and tell them a bit about his journey at TUMO – we traced Alexander’s path one step at a time.

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During his years as a TUMO Stepanakert student

Station 1

Askeran – Stepanakert

Alexander was one of the first students at TUMO Stepanakert. After five years of attending TUMO every week, he knew the road from Askeran to Stepanakert like the back of his hand. Over the years, the Stepanakert TUMOian completed a dozen workshops across 10 different learning areas. Out of all of the workshops that he participated in, a programming workshop determined his future career path as a data scientist.


Station 2

Askeran – Yerevan

In 2020, Alexander was admitted to two universities: the American University of Armenia and the University of Utah in the United States. For a semester, he studied online at both universities and later moved to Utah to pursue his dream career. 


Station 3

Yerevan – Utah

Alexander’s days are packed with all things data science. Alongside his studies at the University of Utah, he’s working at a startup launched by one of his professors and plans to establish his own in the future.

During his first workshop presentation at TUMO, Alexander remembers how nervous and shy he felt. Every time he’s in front of an audience now, he reflects on how much he’s grown and developed his public speaking skills.

“It’s important for students to have alternative educational opportunities. Having options can play an immense role in one’s self-development and career choice,” Alexander shared during the TUMO box opening.

We’ve agreed to meet the alumnus again in a few years. Next time, we’ll have a Q&A session with data scientist Alexander Shahramanyan.