In the programming workshop students learn how to control variables, create and manipulate functions and everything in between that’s needed for the wonderful world of code. 

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Level I

Teens in level 1 kick off their programming education by developing their analytical thinking, the most important skill for programming. Students are introduced to JavaScript, the basis for learning other, more complex languages like C++, Java and SQL.

Level II

Moving on to the second level, students complete practical assignments aimed at familiarizing them with object-oriented programming, a programming approach that comes closest to human thinking. Rounding out their tech skills, students become acquainted with HTML canvas and the concept of libraries, learn how to use documentation, and are introduced to the basic functions of the p5 library. Using all this new knowledge, teens finish off the level by creating “The Game Of Life,” an artificial intelligence game fully developed by students at this level. What objects and characters end up in the game depends solely on the limits of students’ imaginations!

Level III

In this workshop, students level up their programming skills. Students are introduced to the concept of inheritance in object-based programming and utilize it in their work. Learning to work with a server, students will be introduced to node.js and work with a variety of modules, for example, express and They also learn to work with GitHub and the terminal to build programs ready to be run and viewed on servers. 

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