New Media

New media takes contemporary approaches to communication and enhances them by utilizing existing digital tools to connect with the audience.

Equipped with the skills to leverage digital tools as means of communication, students navigate the landscape of New Media with ease as they maximize the reach of their digital storytelling.

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Level I

This level is a full introduction to the world of new media and the web. Students learn to combine various content formats around a singular topic. Along the way, they gain an understanding of copywriting and working with various online tools resulting in their own media-rich,dynamic content.

Level II

Here students dive right into the world of social media. They advance their skills in copywriting as they work to create content for various social media platforms and content formats. One of the most important skills they discover is the ability to adapt their content for various platforms while working with a range of popular social media management apps.

Level III

With a sound foundation, students work in teams and expand their knowledge to include skills necessary for a digital landscape: management skills, communication skills, organization and ethics. Their focus is on text-based content creation, audio & podcasts, and video content. They then apply that same focus to understanding the needs of social media promotion of a product and adaptation of content for different platforms. In short, a full product presentation.

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