Graphic Design

Graphic Design shows students how the world communicates visually, how they can widen their scopes of creativity and all that awaits them within the creative market. Students begin by exploring the fundamentals of design and then move forward by creating designs and branding using industry-standard tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

design eng - Graphic Design

Level I

The seeds of curiosity related to graphic design are first planted here. In level I, students learn how to use Illustrator and explore 2D graphics, becoming familiar with the field’s jargon as well as how to interpret reality through graphics.

Level II

Students in level 2, already armed with a basic understanding of graphic design, dive right into the world of app and interface design. Working in grids and layouts, students start to understand what impact the right typeface or image can have on the overall product while experimenting with different styles to communicate their ideas.

Level III

Each student plays the role of a graphic designer by designing a business logo. Starting with a design brief that they create, students research the business and develop a visual concept and sketch for the logo. Using industry-standard software, students turn that concept into a refined final design. At the end of the workshop, each logo is accompanied by a logo presentation, highlighting the logo, the business and its identity alongside the typography, color and other elements used in the design process.

2D graphics icon - Graphic Design